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My seunggi admiration

Posted on: February 26, 2011

well, i guess  love at first sight isn’t true in this case.

i’ve known seunggi vaguely since he was paired with one of my favorite K-actress, Han hyo joo (whom i loved while watching Spring  waltz) during their 2009 hit drama Brilliant legacy which i haven’t seen now by the way.

actually one of my bestfriends urged/encouraged me to watch Brilliant Legacy. Since i love han hyo joo then i was quite open to watching it. And the reviews for the drama are really good, so why not? but sadly it didnt materialized since i think i am busy with my other fandom which i will write about later.

And also since i love Super Junior, i watch strong heart because of the ever funny, genius Teukigayo. and i saw him there.  i dont find him cute/handsome whatever. just like okay. lee seung gi, and kang ho dong

plus ive seen 12ND on Kbs world. i find him cute, but not enough cuteness to attract me, i was concentrating on Kang Ho dong more. lol at me

but things changed when i decided to finally read the recaps of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in javabeans. since ive seen like 2 out of 5 dramas(before MGIAG) of Hong sisters and i’ve read some reviews about it, so why not try? before the drama the only thing that’s maybe inviting me to watch is solely the Hong sisters since i wasn’t a fan.. yet of Shin Minah and lee seung gi.

not surprisingly, since i know the drama will be really good, i got HOOKED. i mean HOOKED. it has been a while since the last drama ive been really hooked to is YAB, which is written by the Hong Sisters .

I fell in love with the Hoi Hoi couple. they were so real and cute, i mean Miho and Daewoong, too real that you can’t help but to ship them on real life. I guess that’s the basis of intense Chemistry? hahah:) i usually ship couples, and even though the male lead is hawt i usually give them to their lead actress. But it’s diffferent with seunggi. i want to own him (hey dont get me wrong, im just exaggerating in this part) since i think his Daewoong Character resembles him much. i mean the latter part. Daewoong showed great responsibility towards Miho. which Lee seung gi didnt disappoint me since he mentioned that at one point(?) or later part of the drama he got confused on whether he was DAEWOONG or LEE SEUNG GI that’s acting out. AWWW ^^

so since i get confused too on who to like is it Daewoong or Lee seunggi. well i did a research on our lovely puppy seunggi and i was surprised that He is taking up his masterals already on Dongguk University. plus his mastering a subject which is not related to his job. so WOW! plus his grades are mostly A plus and As. ive seen him on 12nd(instant flash back, digging my pre-seunggi fan encounters with him) and he has a manners. He is korea’s SON IN LAW, nation’s younger brother, and UMCHINAH.  got two TOP EXCELLENCE AWARD IN THE YEAR 2010 despite having no sleep at all. with his drama/mc/ singing activities. oh man, he deserves to be Korea’s role model as well.


handsome, tall, rich(LOLS), and respectful, knows his direction, and responsible.

–despite of that still there are things that are bothering me. but well. i praying for it. ^^ i guess some of you now have a hint on what is it.

hmm what could it be?

but still, i really admire seunggi, i will continue rooting for this person since he works so hard. gave up all he has to bring entertainment, to repay his fans. its genuine. that’s why i admire him

SEUNGGI YA! i will wait for you when you enter the army(like year from now)  you affected my life already you virus oppa!

picture credits : nate


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