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Yeo SHIN Minah

Posted on: February 27, 2011

look at how gorgeous a girl can be!!

My First Minah encounter…

well, it was in the year 2008 when i became truly aware of her presence, since i was watching SHOWBIZ EXTRA on arirang, and they covered “the naked kitchen’s” filming/poster shooting. And since i really ever like Joo Ji Hun(which is serving in the army by the way, and is coming back soon) i payed attention on that. After that, okay.  I didnt get attracted to her. or whatever, i don’t find her pretty and interesting since she had this short hair, and an ahjuma-iish face compared to other actress who has like more of a modern face(?) WHAT!? and actually, im stalking that show because i was looking for a Spring waltz/ cast/ news Ost updates since the drama had just ended airing here in our country at that tine. phew *sweating bullets*

after that, i saw some of her CF photoshoot including Calvin Klein and Maxim Top. i admit she was hot there, but she has this foxy girl feel so, okay. after that there were segments on the show that featured her and dubbed her as one of Korea’s top star, Korea’s CF queen and such. oh well korea has plenty of top stars right? meaning, not enough to get my attention.

not again until i read this now infamous dramabeans recap of My girlfriend is a gumiho( for those who are planning to only read Madam dramabeans recap and do not watch the drama itself, you are missing one half of the feelings you should feel while being into the drama. watching is like 3 times greater than reading, but ofcourse, thanks to our beloved Dramabeans for recapping it for us! and the recapping is GREAT!) deng, she was so cute, adorabe, lovely,effective and not to mention the GREAT chemistry she and her male lead share–lee seung gi. well i gained tons of interest to this Actress.

The feeling is weird because to be honest her face is not my type.  Her face is rare/elegant. She can change her aura, image. really. But i decided to research more about her. lol. keyword=research.

My research about Minah brought me as far as the korean search engines, which i had given up long ago because it doesn’t work for me. when i type english names such as “super junior” nothing korean-ize will appear. so okay. plus i dont understand any of those hangul written at that time. But well, it brought me also to Shin Min Ah’s soompi(link at the —>side).i guess i need to have a separate post about the environment in minah’s soompi.

well i guess i found my place there, i learned more about her past work. Only to find out that she was actaully Rain(Bi)’s leading lady in a love to kill, which i have seen years ago. (i gave up watching it since it was too late at night, still young). Had worked with the Biggest ACTORS in the country. Had won 4 awards for her Acting, One of Korea’s TOP fashionista, and a 5’7” tall person.because of her MIHO role in My girlfriend is a gumiho, i became a fan of hers. and that made me proud, since she has made a name for herself in the industry. even though she is known for being “just” an actress, and her name is on the buzz more on the Advertising world, and fashon world in her country, but she is known, and a big thing in Korea. (more so recently bec. of her MGIAG role)

i’m glad to meet a rare person like Shin min Ah, she may not talk alot but is an honest person.EONI!, i now find you really seductive and pretty! YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!

haven’t seen MGIAG? better watch it now. ^^ i guarantee you, that regret is nowhere to be found in your vocab while watching it.

img credit: nate/facebook/Shinminah/blogspot/allkpop


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