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Posted on: March 5, 2011

if you follow me on twitter, do you? @hellokibum. (LOLS)

i often talk about my three exams happening on the same day. Even though the genius won’t find this challenging and all, its hard for me!

Two exams are happening consecutively. one GE (general ed) subject and one MAJOR subject (subjective exam) and that major exam is the one and only exam for that course, and its driving me crazy! the third exam is an elective or whatever you call that but still i need to do well!

then i still continue ranting about the said schedule. yes im hopeless and my ranting cannot change the schedule of the exam. all i need and can do is to study things very well. gass. eottohke!! i was fine with it and think it as an ordinary phenomenon (yes well ofcourse) with no label. nothing special

not until the university press mentioned that it’s actually HELL week next week so i was like OMG yes, its hell week!!!!!(just in case you do not know what’s hell week, its a term coined by i dont know and it is to describe the exam week)

and a while ago i recieved a notification on yahoo mail that we’re having an assignment that will be passed this Monday on or before pm.

like yes, we have two subjective exams coming and here, a major major pre req subject that’s saying that we need to pass this assignment. idk what

Oh God give me strenght. this shall pass i know, but i hope ill pass it SMOOTHLY.


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