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Minah’s Japanese Magazine MGIAG interview *additional interview*

Posted on: March 11, 2011

or what? it’s 1:14 am here 😛

Brief Translation from Interivew: 《韩国TVドラマ》 Vol.41

Note from original translator: Although the article appears heavy in content but a lot of it is similar to the post MGIG interviews Minah did. The similar parts will not be translated, only translating parts not mentioned previously.

1. I love eating meat, so I was really happy at the cow eating scene in the beginning. Although the people around me told me that “eating too much will not be good and to spit out after the take was completed’ but I still ate all of them. I also liked soda so I never found it hard during filming. However, because I often ate, I felt that I gained weight halfway through the drama, so I started limiting my meat intake. However, towards the end of the drama, there was few meat eating scenes which is something regrettable. (laughs).

2. [The commentary on Lee Seung Gi is mentioned in Minah’s post MGIG interviews; it is only translated from Korean to Japanese.] Although Seung Gi is younger than me by two years, I relied on him at times. Seung Gi was very hardworking when he was practicing and preparing, I felt very motivated, watching him by the side. I am the oldest among the young cast so I felt a heavy sense of responsibility, feeling that I must work very hard and not give up at anytime. At my previous filming sets, I was always the youngest but this time; I am being called noona, sunbae which I was not quite used to. At the set, everyone greeted me seriously which left me not knowing what to do. I am not really used to socialising with hoobaes. Although I kept thinking I must treat them gently but no matter how I tried to show it, it somehow became unsuitable. I feel very apologetic for not being able to get closer to them.

3. Although I had wire rope experience from Volcano High, but it was still painful and inconvenient trying again after such a long time has passed. Those imaginary scenes depends on acting based on the images imagined was difficult at first. But after getting used to it, I was happy to film such scenes. Also, when Miho was in hanbok waiting for her groom at the start of the series, initially I felt it was a novel experience and happy to wear such clothes but it was really inconvenient and filming was very long so it was pretty tough.

4. When do you feel that you are most similar to Miho?
From the start, I (became one with Miho). Each time I read the script to look into the feelings of Miho, I was able to feel her myriad of emotions she was feeling myself. Including Miho chasing after Daewoong as well as the development of her feelings. I was really fortunate to live as ‘Miho’ until filming ended.

5. Miho’s saddest moments?
It is the scene when she jumped off the rooftop in the sixth episode. When I was reading the script, filming as well as watching that scene, I felt very sad. Because Miho’s feelings for Daewoong is too beautiful and pure. And when Daewoong left Miho behind on the ferry and ran away (third episode), Miho crying after being abandoned is very sad too.

6. It is said that Miss Minah hoped for a sad ending?
Why do I say this? It is because when I was portraying Miho, I felt that she is a pitiful character so it would be romantic to have a sad ending based on Miho’s feelings at that time. But that was only my thinking, the audience hoped for a happy ending for Miho and Daewoong. This drama itself is light-hearted and full of love, and later I felt that it’s more suitable to have it ended that way too, allowing the audience to feel differently.

7. What did you receive through this drama?
My fans were originally in their twenties but after this drama, I receive a lot of love from kids and the elderly. Whenever they see me, they say “It’s Miho” I never experienced that before. I feel even more responsible, so as not to let down everyone’s expectations and I wish to change myself to be more perfect.

8. Having debuted for 10 years, what worries you as an actress?
In December 2010, I held my first fan meeting since my debut 10 years ago. Watching the video recollection of my past 10 years, I feel kind of amazed not knowing why when the people whom I used to and currently work with appeared in the video. Although I have been really working hard all this time but I developed a sort of responsibility – to walk well on my path from now onwards; which makes my mind and heart heavier. Like what is often mentioned in interviews, I am a slower person. In the days to come, I will take meaningful steps one at a time to advance just like before. Rather than hoping to be an actress who receives recognisable success earlier, I hope to be one who receives success later but remain close to the hearts of the audience. This is more like me.

9. What kind of character do you want to act as in your next work?
Because I received a lot of love from the audience through this drama, I feel pressured over choosing my next work. Therefore, I will spend some time to choose wisely. It doesn’t matters if its a movie or drama, I only want to act in a role that will be liked by the audience.

based on chinese translation by mikisama33 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa@smasoompi

will comment later! :)) enjoyed this article. Miho, miho miho


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