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Shin Min Ah MGIAG promotion pictures in Japan plus interview

Posted on: March 11, 2011

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Japanese to English translation

The young South Korean top star, album, “Brilliant Legacy” ratings in Korea and 47.1 percent recorded Sungi Lee film “Volcano High,” “A Bittersweet Life” and drama “Satan” was popular in those immovable Shin Min 100% attention at the meeting together of “My girl fox nine tails <Kumiho>” has finally appeared on terrestrial! March 21 (Friday) from TBS “Select the” Korean Wave (Mon – Fri 10:05 to 11:00 in the morning) will start broadcasting. To commemorate this, Shin Mina, the heroine came to Japan, attended the meeting.
Q. Interest in the drama?
Kumiho in Korea, people eat the liver of the reborn man, but feared as a monster, this drama Kumiho cute and innocent character. Kumiho also is glad to know that there is such a surface. Romantic comedy, so many good scenes, there is a sad scene but Jean and mind, See I think.

Here, representatives of the Moon Bonn factory that produced the drama, told us the history of the Shin Min Kumiho cast.

Moon representative “rather than human beings should be so worried that casting a monster, has been known Kumiho misleading character of the old man in an absolute beauty, the beauty the mercy of a man with who was the first condition, that is. The unique charm of monsters, magic, the mystery man with not a must. One day, Shin Min’s picture to see happen on the net, it was fitting and intuition, and I suggested to staff. When you actually meet, to see Mina’s come down from the other side, it Kumiho Oh I thought. visuals, perfect casting also feel confident that to.

Q. Sungi’s comments played with Lee?

The various actors have ever worked with, friends and children to the elderly, is supported across the generations, that people have a sense of closeness that is like to come easily. But try to co-star, gained national popularity Sungi’s Lee understood better why you are loved. The hard about everything, I know how worried enough to do my best until the last minute Shimawanai fall. This could not be with us, if any future events of the drama, I would like to come with experience.

Q. Please tell me the recent and future plans.

“My girl nine tailed fox <Kumiho>” after the shooting of six – seven months have passed since, for a charge, I’m having to learn different things. The next project is undecided, I never want to take the character played so far. I want to want to choose carefully consider the works.

Q. struggled scene, a scene that was memorable?

It was taken in summer, hot weather, in a scene that was hard to be hung on the wire. I personally love scene, I surely think it was six stories ending, could not resist Tehon loves, Ijirashiku actions taken by Miho, I’m sad. Is very impressive. After that, talk to one’s superiors in the mouth Miho Tame naive, because there are many interesting scenes, I’d enjoy watching experience.

Q. What is your favorite type of men 追Kkakeru Kumiho like?

No. Kumiho 付Kimatotta men can not like (laughs). But sweet, because there are many direct language (“Let copulation” and “tail it out” became a buzzword of the young people talking about individual words, etc.), they played a very fun, interesting. Once you have a future if you like, there are many words to say what I want this cute.

If you have magic as Kumiho Q. Do you want to do?

Teleport (laughs). If you realize, 乗Razu the plane going back to Seoul from Japan (laughs).

Q. There was a scene it’s an oral tradition Sungi Lee suddenly the ball from the first fox.

That is the only thing oral tradition only, and those feelings come from love did so is rather easy to do. I am familiar with people even after co-star, love scene is tense and awkward it becomes, the more nervous the second half.

Q. thank you message to the fans.

“My girl nine tailed fox <Kumiho>” Namashita be aired in Japan. I think you grow to love drama as well I’m sure everyone in Japan, I am happy to make new memories with you through this drama.

The Ajianhana after this press conference and we have a joint interview that appeared in the Shin Min Ah’s cute outfit different. Coming so soon, please be fun!


translations by Mr. Google.

sorry if you have trouble reading because of Mr. Google’s trans. will be hoping for a decent translations soon! ^^

it is so cute, the interview and what Minah mentioned is so cute. she rellied on seunggi at times (which makes me proud as a seunggi fan on the other hand) and she become nervous while having a kissing scene with him. aww. our boy also said that. that’s why Hoi couple is too cute! also, her memorable scene was really a memorable one. Although that scene made me awwwweeeeddd. but it made her awwed more. ^_^ its good to hear from her that she is really being careful with  her next project. It is very crucial for her since her popularity skyrocketed more, and she had just gained her FIRST signature work in ten years! i hope she will gain lots of signature work in the future! and Minah fans will continue to root and wait for that time!

And still im wondering if what would be the Promotions like with seunggi? i think they will joke around and go back and forth and will have lots of eye contacts and laughter between interviews. ^__^ as a hoi fan, and a fan of both Seunggi and Minah, i hope they will still continue to contact each other as a noona-dongsaeng or as a friend whatever they like. ^^ also i hope to see them together in the near future although i dont know how NEAR it is. ;;_;;


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