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‘Good Body’ Shin Min Ah “Badminton to Keep in Shape… Korean Food to Provide Energy”

Posted on: March 23, 2011

Receiving praises such as ‘Good Body’, ‘God Given Body’ for her CFs and photoshoots, Shin Min Ah beat Go Hyun Jung to became the ‘Most Envied Celebrity’s Body and Skin’ chosen by women between 30 – 50 years old in a poll conducted.

Shin Min Ah’s body secrets are badminton and korean food. She usually does light training at the gym and loves playing badminton. This is how she maintains her weight at 47kg.

Her diet consists of korean food. “My style is to eat what I want, I used to like eating meat but now I replace it with fish which is lower in calories.”

Although she will not restricts herself from eating, but if she wants to control her weight, she would skip dinner or eat around 5pm so she will not keep snacking or eat supper.

Shin Min Ah asserts that going on a diet is not necessary if one has proper meals.

“Women can maintain their figures without dieting through regular meals. However, I would recommend avoiding food high in calories.”

source: donga
based on chinese translation by 距离零 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from smasoompi


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