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Compilation of News from My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’s Promotion in Japan

Posted on: March 24, 2011

Known for her body in Korea, popular celebrity Shin Min Ah (26 years old) attended the press conference held at TBS Station in Akasaka, Tokyo to promote soon to be aired drama ‘My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’.

(Mon to Fri, 10.05am) She plays Gumiho, a fox spirit who gets entangled with Lee Seung Gi’s college student. She described the drama to be a work she is confident in, “showing a new Gumiho with naiveté and innocence.” With a height of 1.69 and long limbs, eight head figure Shin Min Ah has been chosen first place in ‘the body women yearn for’ by a Korean magazine. If she is a demon, would you like to try being repressed by her?


Beautiful Korean actress Shin Min Ah revealed a troubled expression when asked about the scandals in Korean showbiz! “Wish to return to Seoul…”

On 10th, female lead Shin Min Ah attended the press conference for the broadcast and official DVD launch of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho at TBS Station in Akasana, Tokyo. When asked about the scandals in Korea, she looked distressed.

This drama is a romantic comedy based on Korean legend Gumiho. Male lead, also known as nation’s younger brother is actor Lee Seung Gi whose previous drama Brilliant Legacy garnered high ratings of 47.1%. Shin Min Ah plays the female protagonist who gets entangled with Lee Seung Gi’s college student, both became mutually attracted shortly.

Shin Min Ah debuted in showbiz as a model. Her path as an actress developed smoothly after acting as Lee Byung Hun’s younger sister in Beautiful Days, 2001. She is now known as CF Queen in Korea. Dressed in a short dress, she stood out with her style today. She replied with a smile on what is attractive about the drama, “I am happy to have it broadcasted in Japan, and despite being a romantic comedy, there are many sad scenes in the drama.”

When a reporter asked, “There are news of idol groups disbanding and scandals behind the suicide of an actress lately. How do you feel, having such a bright and cheerful drama broadcasted in Japan?” The atmosphere at the press conference immediately turned cold. A troubled expression appeared on Shin Min Ah’s face. “I wish I could teleport to Seoul right now…” She answered, laughing bitterly. The topic was quickly changed.

The drama will start airing on TBS on 21th. DVD Box Set 1 and 2 shall be released for sale on 25th March and 6th April respectively.

source: cinema today

As to why Shin Min Ah was casted, the production representative for My Girlfriend is a Gumiho said “In Korean legends, Gumihos are known for their beauty. This was the first criteria we looked at during auditions. Departing from the horrifying Gumihos in the legends, the Gumiho portrayed in this drama is new to everything in this world, having been released after being trapped in a painting for 500 years. Although she has the magical powers of a demon, her nature is as innocent as a child. The actress must have such a quality. I saw a photo of Shin Min Ah online by chance and sent her an invitation. When I saw her walking towards me for our first meeting, I felt that the Gumiho we wanted was coming! It felt like she fits everything we required.“


based on chinese translation by mikisama33 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from smasoompi

seriously, i cannot imagine anyone else playing the gumiho role. in short, she owned it! and that’s it!!

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