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Japanese Magazined TVFAN[eng trans]

Posted on: March 25, 2011

Japanese Magazine <TV Fan>

The small words on the upper right-hand corner:

The starting year of K Idol!? Asian idols that we need to pay close attention to!!

Now in Japan, Arashi is the most popular. In Korea, it is Lee Seung Gi. He can even be considered as the Sakurai Sho in Korea. He is educated well in his excellent family, he behaves and possesses a good conduct, he can do well no matter it is singing, variety or TV dramas, he is an idol loved by many people. As  Korea’s “Ideal son” Lee Seung Gi is considered as one of the most anticipated young artists.

Last year, through the hit drama “Brilliant Legacy”, Lee Seung Gi, starring as a rich guy, became well-known. Afterwards, he also starred in the romantic comedy “My Girlfriend is Gumiho” which is now aired on TBS. In order to promote MGIG, he came to Japan this March, and we have a chance of direct interview with him. He seems to be a bright and hearty teenager when he appeared in the interview room.

Moreover, something surprised our journalists, the files he brought himself. In there are some questions and notes provided beforehand for the interview, some documents sorted out which are prepared for the media, and also some of his own writing. Just like he is doing some revision for an examination, but he answered the questions very precisely.  He is not answering preset answers as he knew the questions in advance, but a very appropiate , coherent and pleasant conversation.

“When filming some cute love scenes with Miho, I sometimes imagine that I can meet a very nice girl and fall in love, that must be very happy. This would already satisfy me (laughs)” he said, and shyly laughs. When the topic comes to debut in Japan, “If there is this chance, I would want to challenge myself in different ways” he said energeticly. This year should be “very much being anticipated”!


“My Girlfriend is Gumiho” on TBS Hallyu Select Monday-Friday  aired at 10:05am-11:00am

Profile: Lee Seung Gi (イ.スンギ)Chinese:李昇基 Born in 1987.01.13 . 182cm, 70kg. Bloodtype B. In 2004, he debuted as a highschool student. The first album was very successful, he starred on different TV dramas. He is also very active in variety programmes. He first became the lead actor in 2009’s “Brilliat Legacy” which was very successful and become a national idol supported by people across all ages.

Another Japanese Magazine haru hana english translation 🙂

cr: eng translation natsitt based on chinese translation of  小小 at china cafe


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