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King Bruch Interview[transcript]

Posted on: March 28, 2011

lol at the hosts. they made my day. they were like fangirling over leeseunggi!


Photo introduction:

Lee Seung Gi (24) born on 13th January 1987,Hallyu star who is active as a singer and actor

Korean drama MGIG began to broadcast yesterday.University student Dae Woong who totally doesn’t know about human suffering meets a girl, never thought that her true identity is a Gumiho. How will the love story between a human and gumiho develop?
(Text : The future of human and gumiho’s love is?)

MGIG is a popular romantic comedy drama in Korea. This time, lead actor Lee Seung Gi is also here at Japan, let us look at this handsome guy real appearance!

Mc A,B : Annyeonghaseyo~~ (hello)

SG : Hello~~

Mc A : I am 福井仁美

SG : very happy to meet you

福井 : Thank you

Mc B : Annyeonhaseyo, I am 茜ゆりか

SG : ah, it’s in Korean..

茜: I am now learning Korean..

SG: Nice to meet you (in japanese)

福井:Ah,you speak Japanese very well

SG:No no…,my japanese is just like that..

VCR introduction :Lee Seung Gi san is now 24 years old…he debuted as a singer in 2004, later he is extremely active in television dramas, variety shows and CM! He is known as National Younger Brother in Korean,a TOPSTAR who is being loved by many .

福井:This month ,Lee Seung Gi’s san drama MGIG will be broadcast at TBS and the DVD will also be released, Congratulations…

SG: Thank you!

福井:How do you feel?

SG:Really happy, very happy that a Korean drama can be broadcast at Japan,also the DVD will be released..Although I am a bit nervous, but I’m in a good mood.

茜:Heard that the filming schedule is very tight, is it very tough/difficult?

SG:Ah,the most difficult part was the physical aspect.There was drama shooting every day,towards the second half of the drama,my sleeping time is only 30 minutes to 1 hour.

福井:30 minutes?!

SG:Yes,30 minutes。

Text:Challenge Japanese dialogue!

福井:What is your favourite Japanese food?

SG: My favourite Japanese food are..monjayaki, Okonomiyaki, Sukiyaki, ..all are ‘yaki’ …3 yaki

茜:Lee Seung Gi’s san ideal type of girl?

SG:Girl with beautiful smile

福井:How about me?

SG:Ah,it is this feeling (laugh)

福井:This feeling?You really know how to speak well..

茜:Will you actively woo the girl you like?

SG:Yes! I am that type of person

福井:Ah,this type…

茜:If that is the case, can you use Japanese and try…

SG:Ah..this..You are very beautiful~~

茜:Thank you~~

福井:Why did you laugh?Certainly the words are not true or they are difficult words to say out?
SG:Today, I am very happy to be able to greet everyone through 「王 様のブランチ],in the future I will continue to work hard to let everyone know me through my different work. Please continue to support me !

Mc:And that’s our guest for today,Lee Seung Gi san, really thank you !
SG:Thank you !

english translation lsgairenint based on chinese translation of  卤宝 from china cafe



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