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SURE Magazine Interview

Posted on: March 30, 2011

Today was Shin Min Ah’s photoshoot for Sure magazine, fashion spread and Mise en Scene CF, which took over 10 hours to complete. Quietly observing Shin Min Ah who stood before the camera and wondered how many times her hairstyle, clothes and makeup have to be changed. With the change in a hairstyle, Shin Min Ah was able to grasp quickly and established a good understanding of the styles based on the subtle changes.

At each click of the camera, she had to change poses carefully and accurately every one to two seconds. As such, the Shin Min Ah recorded on film was a Shin Min Ah with a different look. She was very assured in expressing herself, responding correctly and changing poses non-stop. Seeing such a shocking sight, one could only say to oneself “Really professional!”

With the completion of each shoot, the entire crew went to the monitor to check the photos taken earlier. Each time, she stood alone under the bright lights, forming a heart aching true portrait of a celebrity. No matter how curious she was about her appearance, she did not look at the monitor with the rest, only remaining at her original spot, fiddling with her fingers and deep in her own thoughts.

Bagel Girl, CF Queen, S-line Body. This top star and cute actress walked into the photographs once again. Striking handsome poses one after another as if nothing happened.

Reporter: At each click of the camera, you are able to strike animated poses; your energy outburst and concentration are really amazing. Irrespective of acting or doing a photoshoot, what differences do you feel being in front and behind the camera?

Minah: I am doing a photoshoot today after such a long time so it is especially novel to me. But honestly, I am very familiar with being photographed. I have been photographed since my debut and standing in front of the camera feels very natural and comfortable now. I have been displaying myself in front of the camera for more than ten years. As such, regardless of the Shin Min Ah in front of the camera or the Shin Min Ah behind the camera, it has always been Shin Min Ah.

Reporter: The concept for today’s photoshoot is ‘definitive look’, a style that belongs to the individual. Which fashion style do you prefer in real life?
Minah: To me, the most suitable and most able to show myself are the key importance. To do that, one has to understand oneself completely. When dressing up, I will not wear clothes that are uncomfortable, choosing clothes that are suitable, comfortable and flattering for me. I like accessories such as scarves, bangles and shades. I will choose a comfortable and not too striking fashion style and jazz up the outfit with accessories.

Reporter: You are also a representational figure for baby face. What is your secret to having a definitive beauty?
Minah: I have sensitive skin, so when choosing cosmetics that are comfortable on my skin, I have to use plant or water based products that are gentle. I am always in makeup for long periods during filming; therefore I will not apply makeup normally when there’s no filming. I will think of ways to keep my skin moisturised. There are no other better benefits which arise from leading a disciplined lifestyle than health of the skin and maintaining a figure.

Reporter: You went through a number of styles for the Mise en Scene photo shoot today, what are your thoughts?
Minah: Through many different styles, I am given a chance to show off many potential images in front of the camera and I also feel that makeup or hairstyle will influence my performance.

Reporter: You have an iconic smile; there is not a smile that is more innocent than your smile today. I see your bright heart and a positive mind through your smile.
Minah: I am working hard to walk in a positive direction. In spite of the troubles I encounter in my work or my tendency to consider too much, when I recall now, a large portion of the processes and results were positive. The influence received from my family and relatives are all positive. Whenever I am weary and in pain, I am able to receive affirmation from my closest ones; that is something to be thankful for.

Reporter: Are there any lifestyle habits or interests you pursue for a positive mind and a good state of health?
Minah: I am working hard to have regular meals, take vitamins regularly and I will diligently exercise if I am able to. I feel that, in order to achieve a balanced health and mind, it is leading a ‘disciplined lifestyle’, but it is really difficult to put into practice. I try to get sufficient sleep, healthy diet, exercise diligently and working hard with a positive mentality.

Reporter: Sure carried out a survey among single men last month and you are placed first in ‘The Most Ideal Female Body’ and ‘Body Terminator’. What do you feel about your looks and aura?
Minah: If it’s only based on the face, it seems like I am not striking as others. Compared to beauties, my facial features and jaw are not defined enough; honestly I am not satisfied with my face shape. But if you looked at it as a whole, it’s not bad. There are many others who are taller than me with better figures. Apart from my works or CF, I am able to give off a new impression to the masses with the image I displayed. “So Shin Min Ah is able to look like this…”

Reporter: Who is the most beautiful woman you seen so far?
Minah: My grandmother. Although she passed away, I have many beautiful memories of her. She was really a beauty. Face shape, eyes, nose and mouth were very beautiful and she was very particular about what she wore. She looked really beautiful when she sat straight. I hope to become like her when I age.

Reporter: Like students in school, employees at workplaces and their survival modes. To an actress, the work and the filming set are the best learning places. It must be the same for you when you made your debut at a young age.
Minah: Right and it is the most intensive learning place. I started modelling when I was in junior high, I met a lot of people from a different generation and gained a lot of experience. When I look back at that time, through the works I encountered, although there was a lot of pain but I became mature. The process and results of my works are different but no matter what kind of a work it is, to me, it will always be a magnificent image which fascinated me. That is what I learnt.

based on chinese translation by 距离零 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from smasoompi

Actress Shin Min-ah’s “obstruction of justice> cover and fashion pictorial, mijyangsen hair day photo shoot was being done together,
The shooting took place close to 10 hours. Shin Min-a silent actor in front of the camera and watched the line.  Hair, costumes and makeup changed several times why each time the analysis was faster Shin Min A
What style of subtle changes jwogamyeo had any digestion.
Here popping 1-2 early in the shutter once delicate and precise, she changed poses.  Shin Min Ah Shin Min-a not once so as not filming.
I know all too well that their showing a reflex response accordingly and give change Watch this amazing sensual drama said to herself.
Each end of staff have taken her to see a picture monitor all rushed forward.
Ttyaemada it under lights this thing is real, she was left alone
The appearance of a star’s life I think I may aejanhaetda cross section.
Judgments of himself wondering but she stood on the spot without going to the monitor with a nail or thought about it myself.
Bagel Girl, CF Queen, S-line. Tops star called back to this lovely actress went to shoot.
Face away and nothing happened, it posed a great back.
Seems every time the shutter was posing a variety of clever. Great quickness and concentration.
Yeongideun hwabodeun, the camera behind the camera in front of me and I feel or what was different.
Today, a magazine for a long time to shoot was very new. But the fact that shooting is very familiar to me.
Ever since his debut in front of the camera to shoot it grunge thing started for me now is so comfortable and natural.
More than 10 years standing in front of the camera in front of the camera because I have gotten representation Shin Min-a, Shin Min-ah also on the camera outside
Shin Min-ah was a picture of a man is all.

Pictorial concept for today’s signature look. Was the style of your own concept. In fact, a certain fashion style preferences.
I became the best representation of me, the best you can do is look asleep. To do this, first he seems to know best. Uncomfortable when worn in your clothes tend to wear. When wearing comfort and make me stand out even the pitgwa style.  Seukapeuna bracelets, like accessories such as sunglasses.
Choose the style of comfortable and unobtrusive to the point that services tend instead.

Baby Face is also an icon you. What if the signature beauty tips.
Sensitive skin of consideration when choosing a cosmetic or vegetable contains a lot of moisture in the most simple to use and lightweight product.
When shooting a lot of makeup because it does not normally have taken almost no makeup.  Not enough water in the face tend to care.
Above all, regular life itself is helpful in skin care and body treatments are also being helped.
Hair today, look mijyangsen various hair makeover tried to shoot what about testimony.
Produce a variety of hair styles and emotions in me and several potential. Images in the camera pulls together could have been a chance. Makeup and hair fashion as I have, to represent a very important element that I felt something up again.
Maybe you have a real signature is a smile. Really remarkably haemalge laughs.
Brighten up the hearts of those looking to create original seonghyangin’re positive.  Tend to try to think positively.  Of course, lots of things I worry when there is not much personality, but Looking back now the most positive results of the process and had so many seem to be. Family and relatives were also affected. Both are bright and positive.  Difficult and painful situation when I’ll get the most from the people around you get a lot of positive energy. Is thankful.
For a positive mind and keep in good condition Do you have a lifestyle habits or hobbies.
Try to eat regularly and eat vitamins are better prepared.  Conditions will be even greater when the exercise is trying to not forget.  Balance of body and mind when I think of the ‘regular life’ seems to be possible.  Regular life, the nature of this work really is difficult to practice  Preferably enough sleep and exercise and healthy eating and positive living and correct answer seems to be enjoying two tries.
Last month, “Sure> the single men who had conducted a survey of  Women’s bodies are considered an ideal place, a place that you took momae terminator.
Emit, and sentiment for his appearance for yourself how you ever feel that.
Prominent compared to the others face, it does not seem to stay dead.  Belle Visage brother compared to others without the ttoryeothajido, the cheekbones, the face shape is pretty honestly do not like too.  Overall, seems to enjoy watching a good feeling. A lot of good people taller than me in shape as shown in the work or image in advertising  “You’ve got me like this to Shin Min-ah,” he also seems to enjoy watching the new.
to you,  who is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
My grandmother. Now my grandmother passed away during his lifetime, but much remains to remember the figure. It seems to be a beauty who has been.
Type face is always beautifully dressed nunkoip dressed up all pretty, but she hath been all I really admire their thinking and Dan were sitting.
I wish I could grow old like her in the future.
Students at the school, working life in the workplace baewoodeut, actors who will work and the site is the best baeumteoil. From childhood, especially if you acted.
Yes. Was the most intense course.  Activities since middle school because the model is relatively large compared to older people seems to have met a lot of experience.  Looking back the meantime, sick most often through the work I’ve ever met seems to have matured so much.
All of the work process and the results differed in any way affected me the most insane I’ve learned.
cr: 민아남편대독@dcgallsma
note: the highlighted parts are the things that i guess were the question or the things that the interviewer said to shin minah. since it’s translated by google, please be patient. :DD

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