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Happy Energy Clip Translation

Posted on: April 3, 2011

credit: smainternationalfans@youtube)

The happy energy which gives me happiness is living together in this world.
Two years ago when I participated in Happy Energy, I asked all of you to show concern.

Now, I wish to share this concern with more people, passing on ‘the world living together in’ message of compassion.
The energy which begins with a click of the mouse – Happy Energy.
Hello everyone, I am actress Shin Min Ah.
For ‘the world living together in’, we will be working with children of different skin colours and family backgrounds to provide voluntary educational services.
Building a school for multi-cultural children.
Providing voluntary after school educational services for children of new immigrants.
I portrayed Gumiho, who worked hard at becoming a human being.
As she was not a human being, only in the state of evolving, she lost her life eventually.
Although it is only a sad part of the drama but in reality there are many children around us experiencing such pain.
I am unable to describe their pain in words.
The pain of these children… If we use a little of our concern, it could alleviate their pain fully.
And they would realise that receiving the concern from everyone is such an important thing.

The children of new immigrants drop out of school because of their parents’ financial difficulties.
Unable to have regular meals and receiving inadequate education.
The problem children of new immigrants face arises from their different skin colours.
They are unable to communicate at a fluent level, hence unable to go to school, making it difficult for them to interact with friends and thus, affecting them from having a normal life.
I think children are trees bearing dreams of our future.
If they are able to receive a little of our concern,
Then this would become a successful multi-cultural experiment.
Be it a little of our concern or an equal world to live in, the world feels like a beautiful place just thinking about it.
There are many kind-hearted people who will be participating with their warm hearts.
So please don’t feel lonely.
Become stronger and don’t be disheartened. Fighting!

based on chinese subbed clip by Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from soompi shin minah thread

i dont know if this is scripted. most probably. but if these words comes from her then it would be  greaat. ^^

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