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Yong seo Couple last episode [eng subs]

Posted on: April 4, 2011

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ive been waiting for this day but i cant believe it. i know its going to end but it made me cry. :(( i haven’t seen this whole episode with subs, only raw except the part III. instead i read the transcript posted at soompi then watched the vid just like what ive ben doing if i can remember it correctly about 6 months ago.  although i lose track in following this couple every day just like what ive been doing for 8 solid months since they started but i still shipped and supported them since they’re so real.

*lose track i mean, ive been less crazy about them. hahah. 😀

This couple went through everything, hahah. just like the normal couple are going through. me too had a hard time because of their push and pull. those days were like a night mare to me since seohyun was so mad at well as my frustrations for their slow pace of advancement interms of skinship. haha. you know that throwing fist on the table with the moments such as “yonghwa you should’ve hug her what-are-you-doing” hahaha:) even though i was frustrated but their akwardness is something to be treasured since it’s it’s unusual for this generation nowadays. haha.

i am happy that in the end they gave as what we had almost hoped for. the holding hands naturally, back hug, piggy back, overseas trip, meeting with parents, and who would’ve thought even KISS. hahaha:))

and in this last episode they really make sure to make it up what they were not able to give during their one year of together-ness. seohyun’s banmal that i believe she was ready to give when they had their 200th day anniversary. then the story book part II aww. and ofcourse yonghwa, yonghwa choding who lose the moktori(scarf)and in return make a couple scarf. *aww* gave hyun a huge yonghwa bear and a flowers and last but not the list, the real pink guitar ;;_____;;

there are lots of moments that im sure the couple has treasured in their hearts since they’ve done lots of  ‘first’ together especially for seohyun. me too personally have my fave pics in the whole 51 episodes of yongseo couple. ^^

like. the ep. 19 (correct me if im wrong) when seo hyun piggy backed yong. the fishing trip, Japan trip, busan trip and the wedding photoshoot and finally here. whoah. seems like time real flies..

all in all id like to thank God! ofcourse! for making these two cute persons. PDnims for pairinf them, seohyun and yonghwa for giving all their best to entertain us at the same time showing their best efforts to stay real and honest and to gogumas for tirelessly tweeting/ soompi-ing/ updating every single event that is yongseo related. esp. for the translations made by soompi gogumas. a million thanks to all of you!

i know this is not yet their end considering the show is the one who decided to end this and not them. (HAHA!) idk if you believe the ‘busy excuse’ but personally i dont. hmp.  but id still ship, root for these two! and just like the millions of gogumas, there’s no point of uprooting the dandelion seeds they already have planted. i believe they will relly pour water and take care of it more. and to make it short i hope they get married for reals.

for the YONGSEO COUPLE id give 100 out of 10 points! trust yong. haha


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