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Park Joon Geum “‘Secret Garden’ Daebak Box Office Was Thanks to Lee Seung Gi’s Blank Check”

Posted on: April 6, 2011

Actress Park Joon Geum who drew attention as Hyun Bin’s mom in ‘Secret Garden’ has revealed her unusual connection with Lee Seung Gi.


She said SeungGi appeared in her dream before Secret Garden started filming. He pulled out an envelope from his pocket and gave it to her as a gift. Inside, it was money with countless digits of 0 [??? wasn’t it a blank check?]. Instead of buying lottery, she wished the drama would do well. And the drama ended up doing really well, so she was very thankful to SeungGi.

Some other articles also mentioned that she wished she had a son like SeungGi. As for Hyun Bin vs SeungGi, she said the one she liked better was “the one who’s in lots of CFs.”

Source: startoday
English translation/summary:

i can’t believe that she’s attributing SG’s daebak success to her dream of seunggi(im saying this lightly) haha. this is just so cute! and well, the comparison between lee seung gi and hyunbin can’t be helped. they’re both product of high ratings weekend drama recently. oh well. cant help but to say something.
actor wise- i have to say Hyunbin
singer- no doubt seunggi
cf king- Both! :)(hyunbin just recent)
dancer- next category please
entertainer- SEUNNGI!
ha ha ha

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