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Shin Min A-street nurikkun an open book … “I’m a light anywhere,” marveled

Posted on: April 6, 2011

(Very economical Online news) Actress Shin Min-a picture in the streets, showing off a pretty open book on this online netizens of the topic.

Recently a number of online community bulletin board on the street and boasting beautiful photographs showing the shape of Shin Min A said.

Shin MinA -distance results confirm a picture of the economy in Japan, the captured image is known to be a commercial shoot.

Shin Min-a  in the picture is wearing a dark pink color coat walking distance of the various images presented. Beauty emerge, especially in the appearance of the street featured a crowd.

Shin Mina street, many netizens who watched the “Shin Min Ah well”, “Shin Min-ah in Japan?”, “Credit Authorization”, “true bagelnyeo, body art” and “Hot pink trench coat clad dolls look like,” ” Wherever I went, no matter who you need this light, “” like a doll “, and responses are shown.

Meanwhile, Shin Min-a last year my girlfriend is a nine-tailed foz ‘through the end of the year category at the awards ceremony of the SBS Drama Awards TV Special’ women good year weather ‘has won.

cr: via naver

i was shocked that this picture only gained attention now. if im not wrong this was taken in the last week of November last year in Japan. ^^ the other article credited Shin minah’s dcgall! ^^ but this article made me lol since they called her Light. according to google. but wheew. with that beauty and that very hot pink trench coat, who wouldn’t get noticed? hah. and in different articles differnt netizens comments were shown and that.. i enjoyed the most. haha. ^^



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