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Strong Heart regain the position as the King of variety

Posted on: April 6, 2011



The TV rating of SBS ‘Strong Heart’ had recovered , by showing the capability of the king of weekly variety show to the audience again.

Based on AGB NIELSON  on 6th April,  ‘Strong Heart’ which was broadcasted yesterday (5th April) had obtained a 12.6% Nationwide TV rating. As compared to last week TV rating, it has increased by 3.0%.  ‘Strong Heart’, which ratings had been decreased gradually, has finally regained back its position. Moreover, the figure (12.6%) is twice the number of the TV rating of its rival, KBS ‘Win Win’. Hence, this proved the skills of the boss of weekly variety show.

In the 5th April ‘Strong Heart’, there were Tae Jin-ah, Hwang Seon-hee, U-Kiss and many more appearing in the show. New actress Hwang Seon-hee who acted in drama <SIGN> as a murderer, attracted a lot of attention. She had also revealed many behind-the-scene stories, “I started to find joy in acting as a murderer”, “During the shooting, even Park Shin-Yang was afraid of me” etc.

KBS 2TV ‘Win Win’ and MBC ‘PD notes’ which are broadcast at the same time slot, have obtained TV rating 6.6% and 4.6% respectively.

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thank God. they’re back in the game., Last week’s ratings scared me. i hope they will continue to rise, and well have a really intresting guests ^__^

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