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‘2D1N’ Lee Seung Gi, recognition of mother’s friend’s son(um chin ah)…won’t have problems taking bar exam.

Posted on: April 10, 2011

Lee Seung Gi’s ‘mother’s friend’s son’ image became a topic again.
During the Buk Bul Bok dinner section, KBS2 ‘Happy Sunday – 2D1N’ broadcasted on the 10th prepared a bar exam question.
The judicial exam question was an exact question from the 1st test of the 42nd bar exam question regarding public administration. When Na PD was reading the bar exam question, he laughed out and asked

‘What is the incorrect corrective measure for the abuse of authority of dominant businessman of the market and related monopolization regulation (dominating trade system) as well as law on fair trade?’ [Translator : This is the best I can go….]

Unlike the other members who can’t understand the question, Lee Seung Gi clapped his hands and gave the correct answer of ‘distribution and managing of shares’ which made the production team flustered.
In fact, the production team was shocked and through the subtitles their actual thinking was ‘Bar exam question that is meant for them to get it wrong…!’
After that Lee Seung Gi said ‘I should try changing profession?’, Lee Su Guen’s ‘Judge Lee’ made everyone laughed.

english translation Sim Lan based on chinese translation of yaoyaoyufei from china cafe

source :



whoah. genius! and i guess the reason why he answered it correctly since it is related into business, and that’s lee seunggi’s educational background. Business. haha:) and he is actually taking up his masterals right no. ^^


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