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Baeksang Awards Netizen Choice ranking

Posted on: April 11, 2011

as of 2011 .4 .11 21:18

Female Drama Category

1. Cinderella Sister Moon Geun Young 48.8%
2. All my love Gain 16.2%
3. Secret GardenHa Ji-won   10.7%
4. Dong Yi Han Hyo-joo,  4.3%
5  Dream High IU 3.6%

6 Sungkyungwan Scandal, Park Min young l3.5%
7Dream High (the google translations is not translating well) 2.3%
8 My Girlfriend is a gumiho, Shin Min Ah 2.3%

Male Category

1 Sungkyungwan Scandal, Park Yoo chun 54.2 %
2 Playful kiss Kim Hyun Joong 30.3%
3 Mary stayed all night Jang Geun Seukand 4.4%
4 My girlfriend is a gumiho Lee Seung Gi4.2%
5  Secret Garden Hyun Bin2.3%
source: isplus

p.s sorry guys if i can’t give a screencaps since my laptop cannot read korean characters so its no use at all.  if this laptop can read hangul then i can figure out who is that number 7 actress. it can be suzy or eunjeung. and surprisingly even though airens are boycotting the whole voting process , seunggi managed to rank  four. ^^

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