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Models to choose well

Posted on: April 12, 2011


[Asia Today = anaerobic reporter] Not long ago events happened in a notebook is released. Its hard to explain new products last year, officials had notebooks for each inch daebyeol domestic market was showing a graph of sales.

The official continued downhill to picture the end of this year rose 12 inches laptop case, teaching that suddenly turned into ‘Shin Min-effect’ has been taken out the word. Actress Shin Min-a LG Electronics ‘Xnote P210 Series’ models, then climbed as 12 inches means that the product is sold.

12.5 inches of the liquid crystal display (LCD) This model is equipped with a white exterior and light weight of 1.3 ㎏, clean design and has attracted the attention of female consumers. Advertise in the Shin Min-a product had a good representation of the benefits of evaluation.

On it really depends at what the model of the product is sold, it is often dancing. Last year, Samsung Electronics ‘figure skating queen’ Kim has enjoyed no matter what. South Korea for the first time in the history of sport in the Winter Olympics figure skating gold medal on the TV screen shows Articles Kim ‘fresh blow …’ he cried skyrocketing sales of Samsung’s Air geotyijyo.

In the meantime, Samsung Electronics in the domestic market share of air conditioning approximately 5% had searched for LG Electronics. However, after Kim helix as a model leader LG Electronics last year gap narrowed by 1% of car. LG Electronics also the official “Last year, Kim had jumped to the expected power,” he is about to tell.

Is it two. This year, LG Electronics, its air-conditioning ‘Whisen’ as a model of ‘Marine Boy’ Park ‘and’ rhythmic gymnastics fairy ‘has been chosen sonyeonjaereul. LG Electronics sold athletes linked to the fresh feeling of the model can hope.

Electronics makers are concentrating much care for the model chosen. Model for product image and reputation can be ignored because the effect.
Ly claiming the singer and actor Lee Seung Gi, Samsung Electronics is a smile. Fridge ‘jipel’ moving out of the model, the Lee has considerable influence on product sales is the judge. An official of Samsung Electronics, the “Lee Seung Gi writing as a model and image enhancement products have a positive effect on sales,” he says.

This advertising model is based on companies’ huibi eotgalrigi but the common denominator is unchanged. That is the quality of the product. No matter how well the model does seem to be products which means we are reduced to the flashlight effect. Industry insiders are also the part with the meaning.

We express star models in the electronics industry will continue to fly our competition. Companies pay modelryo of sueokwon solved, but if it’ll lead to a much larger revenue would. Some companies have hit the jackpot by selecting the model I watch how things seem to be interesting.

source: nate


i hope the google translator isnt failing me by this time. this Means that Shin min ah effect is still happening in the advertising industry. This article is telling me that electronic companies are really looking into the Good reputation of their Models. and that Shin Minah Kim Yuna and Lee seung gi have. ^^ interestingly these two girls have worked with Lee seunggi. And these celebrities has a “king/queen of cf” status before they’ve worked with each other. meaning they are king and queens in their own right. ^^

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