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top 15 CF Models for March

Posted on: April 13, 2011

cr: photo cr : @CMvalue || lsgairenint.

1. Hyunbin[Laneige Homme, Samsung Smart Tv, Phillips Sense touch 3D (?), Gwang Dong Oksusu tea, Vita flex, K2, hite,]

2. Wonbin

3.Lee seunggi(endorsements listed: Pizza hut, Zipel, KB Card, Chung Jung won, The saem)

4. Kim Tae hee

5. Kim Yun A

6. Kim Hee Ae

7. Cha Du Ri

8. Kang Dong Won

9. Suh nyeo shi dae

10. Go Hyun Jung

11. Lee Na Young

12. Shin Min Ah [endorsements listed:  LGXNOTE, SKT, RAEMIAN, MAXIM T.O.P]

13. Jang Dong Gun

14. Nichkhun (2pm)

15. Kim Hye soo

eng translations:

i dont know if this is the same with the one we used to see. the CF preferability chart, but Shin Minah from the 9th spot dropped. and wonbin plus hyunbin took over Lee seunggi.


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