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Shin Min Ah, Radiating Charm as a Sea Goddess

Posted on: April 13, 2011

Amore Pacific’s known marine skincare line – Lirikos’ exclusive model Shin Min Ah became a topic of interest for the image she displayed in the CF. Walking near oxygenic trees in the deep sea, enjoying immensely oxygen – nature’s driving force; her mysterious and charming image was revealed in a recent TV CF. 

In this CF, Shin Min Ah promoted ‘Marine Oxygenic Essence’, providing oxygen directly to the skin through ‘essence of oxygen’, a product enabling the skin to stay moisturised and clear.

Shin Min Ah showed her professionalism in the previous two Lirikos’ CFs and she did not let down anyone in this CF, earning praises ‘no doubt it’s Shin Min Ah’ for the image she displayed in the CF. Shin Min Ah did an outstanding job, showing good swimming skills and difficult expressive acting in the water. On the day of the shoot, the crew were very anxious after noticing Shin Min Ah was having a cold but became very touched after seeing her jumping and swimming in the water for a long period of time.

The beautiful and mysterious CF will be broadcasted on TV in April. It will be shown in 4D cineplexes starting mid-May, allowing the full version to be enjoyed in 4D.

Source: kyunghyang
based on chinese translation by 距离零 from Minah@baidu
translated by eilasa from soompisma

Amore Pacific exclusive models of Prestige Marine brand Lirikos Shin Min see in the CF is to collect this topic. Badasup oxygen deep in the trees, enjoying a mystical approach to life of oxygen, attractive appearance of the video was released recently on TV.
Shin Min-a showcase from the TV-CF products’ Oxy Marine biogenic Essence ‘, aka’ Essence of oxygen as a direct oxygen supply to the skin clear, supple skin is enriched products.

Advertisement convenience Lirikos the U.S. through two professional appearance that seemed Shin Min Ah, this TVC in the shooting to look forward too, is worthy of a Shin Min applauded. In fact, her last ad-class swimmer in the water, as well as hard to face has done a great job of acting. Day of shooting conditions with a cold stress to everyone involved still the hunting show, Nip enters long shots to show off to concentrate on swimming performance impressed the staff is credited.

Shin Min-made mystery of the hot and beautiful images can be viewed via TV in April, mid May, some 4D Plex Cinema 4D full version of the ad may be enjoyed through the vividly.
“Oriental Medicine News>
The newspaper ‘Today’s Hot News’

cr: nate

none of the things Minah did for the commercial are easy. i just cannot do that for like 10 seconds. and filming a cf takes HOURS. plus. opening the eyes below the water looking gorgeous is definitely. GOD GIVEN. hahah. ^^ a talent. which i think i dont have. so Kudos to minah girl!

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