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[EDITORIAL] News regarding upcoming drama productions 2011.

Posted on: April 17, 2011

*This post contains upcoming drama productions and their unconfirmed cast. This is just a gather up of what has been released in the news. Moo

Costume Drama “The Princess’ Man” to star Kim So-eun & Kim Bum or Lee Seung Gi.

Could there be a possible reunion of Boys Over Flower Goldren couple Kim Bum and Kim So Eun?

According to Daum Cafe on the 16th of April, Kim So Eun is set to be one of the top candidates for lead actress in upcoming historical drama “The Princess’s Man” which is set to air on channel KBS2. Whereas the candidates for male lead is set between Kim Bum and Lee Seung Gi.

The cast list will be released in April 2011, and is expected to air in July 2011.

The candidates listed for “Princess’s Man” were Kim So Eun, Moon Geun Young and Moon Chaee Won. Kim Bum was also seen sporting a new hairdo, however he might film a series for channel SBS. Therefore leaving with Lee Seung Gi, in the past Seung Gi has stated that he would like to appear in a historical drama. Selected dramas are still trying to find a timeslot despite filming has ended at least 6 months ago. These series include “What’s up”, “Birdie Buddy” and “The Musical”. It looks like these series are not really bright enough.

Source: KR


everything is good. im a fan o Soeul couple. lee seunggi and i admire moon geun young. ^^

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