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Lee Seung Gi, new hairstyle “Cute” vs “Wearing a wig”

Posted on: April 17, 2011

Netizens have contrasting comments on the new hairstyle of singer and actor Lee Seung Gi. In the broadcast of KBS2TV “Happy Sunday-2 Days 1 Night” on the 17th, members went to Namhae in Gyeongsangnam-Do.

Lee Seung Gi appears in his newest hairstyle in today’s broadcast, which arouses the interest among the members. All the members think that the new hairstyle makes Seung Gi to “become more manly”, but after the programme, there were contrasting reviews from netizens.

Some netizens think that “Lee Seung Gi’s hair seems unnatural. The old one is better.””Was his hair cut too short””Seems to be wearing a wig””Who cut this””Please get back to the way it used to be”.

On the other hand, “The hairstyle looks cute””It is just because his hair is suddenly shorter that we are not accustomed to” There were also people who think that Lee Seung Gi’s new hairstyle is quite good.

On that day, through 1N2D, Lee Seung Gi’s new hairstyle entered the top items searched on different reporters’ websites, which showed that even the changing of hairstyle, Seung Gi can quickly become the hot issue.

English trans Natsitt based on Chinese trans of yaoyaoyufei from china cafe

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