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Lee Min Jung = the Korean Jane Eyre

Posted on: April 19, 2011

With the upcoming Korean theatrical release of Jane Eyre, fans participated in a fun poll. Cine Seoul asked fans to vote which Korean celebrity would best fit for the role of Jane Eyre if it ever were to have a Korean version. The poll took place from April 11th to the 18th, and actress Lee Min Jung won with an overwhelming 50.8% of the votes.

The movie is an adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s famous novel of the same name, Jane Eyre. The novel portrays the life of Jane Eyre, a poor orphan, living amidst the 19th century aristocratic society.

Despite her humble status and wealth, or lack thereof, Jane is able stay strong and confident in the face of life and love. Lee Min Jung is well-known for her talents in French, art, and music. Just like Jane Eyre, she’s sophisticated and intelligent making her the perfect actress to play Jane Eyre if a Korean adaptation was ever to be produced.

The nation’s little sister Moon Geun Young ranked second with 36% of the votes, Nine-Tailed Fox’s Shin Min Ah placed third with 7.4%, and glamorous bagel (baby-faced + glamorous) girl Shin Se Kyung won fourth win 5.8%.

Jane Eyre will open in Korean theaters April 20th.

Written in Korean by hurlkie@soompi; translated by hotshotlover30@soompi

Photo by Kim Soo Jin of Studio V (

‘Woman of Destiny’ to pull a confrontation, Moon Geun Lee, Min two were overpowered.
Korean version of ‘Jane Eyre’ poll asking who should fit in the 이민정 received overwhelming support from the netizens.
Despite the low status of life and love life of a woman in front dangdanghaetdeon Green ‘Jane Eyre’ to be released 20 days ahead of the “dignified woman lived in a hot ‘Jane Eyre’ role will be good actresses, such as South Korea? “What the survey of the contents of 11 to 18 Cine movie sites have been set by Seoul.
As a result, the SBS drama ‘Midas’ has been on display in a different charm 1 ranked Lee, Min. 이민정 record approval rating of 50.8%, 36% received the support of the people and big sister, Moon Geun-young No. 1 naemyeo difference. Also, recently my girlfriend fox ‘is a cute charm to 7.4% ppomnaetdeon Shin Min 3rd, innocent yet sexy at the same time appeal to emerge Unfortunately owe Marvel 4 on 5.8% of the polls has been named.
source: nate

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