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Shin Min Ah vs IU! who do you want to kiss your lips?

Posted on: April 23, 2011

shin min ah excerpts

▲ ‘Bagel Girl’ Shin Min (left) and ‘Nation’s sister’ IU.

★ Shin Min Ah vs IU, ‘who do you want to kiss your lips’?

Actress Shin Min-ah (27) and singer IU (18), while the sangkeum feminine charm and swagger has become popular. Children with the same purity and feminine at the same time for the two stars dotomhago mention lovely lips are common.

Shin Mina a tall, long arms and legs, the volume of the body such as jinyeotjiman girl emits a pure atmosphere. Immaculate skin and enter the dimple when I smile, charming lips of the men is enough to flutter. S-line in the youthful face of the body with his appeal by introducing the double ‘beyigeulnyeo’ craze is at the center of.

If so, ‘Bagel Girl’ Shin Min and ‘Nation’s sister’ of IU ‘want to kiss your lips’, who pulled out in confrontation apseoteulkka. 40.3% of all voting members of the baby lips significantly, 59.7 percent chose the lips of  Shin Min Ah. Shin Min-Yu of the child rather than an icon of cuteness, sexy lips namsimeul captivated.



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