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Million Types of Styles, Ten Most Beautiful Korean Female Celebrities

Posted on: April 24, 2011

Shin Min Ah has a cheerful and pure aura.

2nd: Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah once participated in a modelling competition held by a magazine, her earlier works mainly consisted of CF modelling and appeared as female leads in a lot of MVs by G.O.D, Cha Tae Hyun, Leon Lai etc.. Beautiful Days is her first drama and Volcano High, her first movie. After which, she became more active in showbiz, enjoying popularity due to her cheerful and pure aura. Her popularity rose after appearing opposite Rain in <A Love to Kill>. She portrayed Cha Eun Suk who appeared to have a mysterious charisma but lively and cheerful on the inside; and developed a painful relationship with Rain’s character.

Shin Min Ah continue to appear in more dramas and movie, leaving a deep impression. In 2008, she played ‘a sassy girlfriend’ in My Mighty Princess, directed by Kwak Jae Yong, which is liked by its younger audience. Her works in 2009 are thriller movie Million and a movie about a love triangle, Naked Kitchen.

source: DBW
translated by eilasa from soompi

Second: Shin Min a
Shin Mina was a model of a magazine’s reader survey, early to shoot print ads for the major work; MTV has served as the heroine of many singers, such as G.O.D, Che Taixian and dawn. “Beautiful Day”is her own first TV series and “Volcano high”is her first movie.After performing arts activities between the fresh and livelytemperament because of its popularity. Cooperation with the Rainin 2005, “A Love To Kill” her popularity more soared. Well the carshe plays the mysterious charm of large exterior, while inside,lively, cheerful, and Rain to start a bitter love to play the boxer.
Shin Mina appeared in succession after a lot of movies and television, are impressive. In 2008 she starred in “martial arts female college students, ” by Guo in the capacity of director,played a “Sassy Girl “, is loved by young viewers. Works in 2009thriller “10 million won ” and the triangular relationship between the performance of the “kitchen. “
cr: translations by google
List up to three
NO.1 Jinhui Xiu
NO.2 Shin Mina
N0.3 Han Ye Seul

p.s some of the actresses are seniors, thus im not familiar with them except moon geun young, soo ae and some are familiar faces. and im surprised that the other beautiful actresses of korea wasn’t included.  and also her recent work ‘my girlfriend is a gumiho’ wasn’t included.


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