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Shin Min Ah’s 10 year debut clip

Posted on: April 25, 2011

LEE SEUNG GI AT THE END PART! :)) but where is Hyunbin’s?? THANK YOU AMENT!!!

cr:eunsanghun || posted at Shin Min Ah’s Official website

summary of seunggi’s message:(the fan meeting didn’t allow to openly take videos, so this is based on the fan’s memory, and to think that one fan account mentioned that when it was the bead kiss appeared one fan shouted ‘get lost’ haha, i think no one will film seunggi’s part, minah fans are just surely jealous of seunggi)

Hello everyone, I am Lee Seung Gi. I would like to sincerely congratulate Shin Min Ah sshi for her 10th debut anniversary and FM.

Before acting the drama, I only know that Min Ah sshi is a CF queen ,romantic attraction for man , after meeting her , i only realised actually she has both cute and also classic charm.

Because of Mi Ho’s pure characteristic,if this character were to be act by other actor, i think it will not bring the same touching and joy effect….

Although Shin Min Ah sshi has also other charms, but I personally like the cute type of charm the most ,i think many male fans who are now at the FM also like Min Ah sshi’s cute charms ?

Shin Min Ah sshi, Sincerely congratulate you for your 10th debut anniversary and also fan meeting. Fans who are present today must also continue to give Shin Min Ah sshi lots of power/support ya. Hope that today,this time will become Shin Min Ah sshi’s most precious memory.



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