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‘Eternal romance of a man’, dressed in a white shirt, Shin Min Ah ⑥

Posted on: April 26, 2011

‘Man of the eternal romance’, sexy or attractive or innocent, or can show contrasting white shirt.
Above all, a white shirt, especially the most charming of the uncolored, yet sexy atmosphere like a cane is likely that you can.

The most basic of colors and designs on white shirts, no matter the season, as the inner or outer wear, allowing all practicality has also.

However much we wear so be tedious, so it is necessary to give a reasonable point.

Disappeared under a white shirt, hot pants fashion seonboyimyeon kodihae can feel sexy and match with jeans and a plain yet can produce a modest impression.

In fact, many female stars wearing a white shirt, sorghum, or eye-catching showcase sexy.

I learn far gonghyojin, Park Min young, if owe homage to highlight your sexy underwear ads underwear only on the white shirt was shown wearing a bold look, the actor attended or the white shirt and shorts in men’s razor ads are missing a lot of male fashion by introducing lured them.

While the actress Lee Yeon Hee, white shirt and denim ppomnaeteumyeo purity, ‘Miss this’ resin, Jessica Gomez, Shin Min-ah also wearing a white shirt, was thrilled the hearts of men.

cr: nate


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