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Even paparazzi are also totally impressed by Lee Seung Gi’s honesty.

Posted on: April 30, 2011

The divorce of Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah and etc. Even paparazzi are also totally impressed by Lee Seung Gi’s honesty.
Seoul Sports, being the father of paparazzi reported a lot of exclusive news. Normally, the paparazzi of Seoul Sports will watch the stars closely to get gossips. They will watch them from a few months to half a year.

Their theory of closely watch every day and you will definitely reap your harvest is very powerful. There’s no way one can hide dust which means that as long as you watch someone closely you will definitely get some news out of it.
However there are people whose ‘dust’ can’t be found. It is known that Lee Seung Gi is someone who made the paparazzi of Seoul Sports surrendered. He is even the first one who made Seoul Sports came out with the surrender news. Someone young like him who should be lured to attractions but manage to make Seoul Sports surrender. This is really something of exclamation.

The paparazzi of Seoul Sports had been staying outside Lee Seung Gi’s house door for 6 months but there were no news. The climax was when they made news of their surrender. Lee Seung Gi is one of the representatives for being warm and friendly (just like on TV). Tall, handsome and always putting on a smile to the fans touched the hearts of many noona (older sister) fans. In addition, his images of ‘Student Union President’ and ‘Um Chin Ah (Mum’s friend’s son)’.
Lee Seung Gi with a staff in front of a branded boutique. He should be there to return the sponsored clothes, these are normally done by the stylist but Seung Gi may be there as they are on the way.
There are always questions on ‘How is Lee Seung Gi like normally?’ Recently I saw him standing at the roadside after a certain cosmetic brand launching conference, as he’s too tall so he looked dazzling.
He has a sincere and friendly attitude; he will let the lady to go in the boutique first. He uses his actions to show that he is a real gentleman.
You can also see his professional side. Lee Seung Gi looked serious and attentive when talking to his manager, people related to his work and etc. From the way he looked when others are talking, one can see his passion and love for his job.

‘Um Chin Ah (Mum’s friend’s son)’ Lee Seung Gi, who is involved in such a wide range of work being a singer, actor, entertainer and CF, showed his sincerity as he kept his smile even when he has such tight schedules.
This is like the declaration of surrender for Seoul Sports, producing complimentary news for Lee Seung Gi after keeping a close watch for 6 months. This can also show Lee Seung Gi’s self restriction. If you want to be someone whose ‘dust’ can’t be found, you just don’t create ‘dust’ in the first place. It is amazing that Lee Seung Gi in his 20s maintained his professionalism even though the situation is dark and full of attractions. Personally, I think that Lee Seung Gi is the rare 20s model star who is being able to show his honesty and strict self restriction with such a busy schedule.

Note: ‘Dust’ in this case is equivalent to gossips

eng translation Sim Lan based on chinese translation of 小星  at baidu tieba

source :


forever amazed by this guy. very good lee seung gi! very good


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