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Shin Min Ah: Pure versus Sexy “can you not do both?”

Posted on: April 30, 2011

Pure sexy’ Shin Min Ah vs  ‘fascination sexy’ Shin Min Ah
Korea’s representative ‘Bagel girl’ rising star, the first thing the actress Shin Min-ah (27) all. Fantastic cute face, cute possessed S-line has both charm and her sexy and all accounts.

All the charm of the two kinds of elements that fans love her sexy, but like a great body of the owner often took a compelling pictorial. But the same does not allow him to her sexy. Batch off her sexy, not sexy, charming and bewitching as the innocent appearance, is alternated with more light.

Pine chest bone deep skin immaculate white dresses flaunted her sexy in the photos added to the Shin Min-a cheongsunmi. Glamorous youthful face, the perfect harmony of body emits unusual charms.

While emphasizing the waist line, feeling a burning desire to pose in the pictures he has been on display provocative and revealing her sexy is breathtaking. In tight black makes a svelte figure highlights.

Sports Seoul com homepage “‘innocent sexy’ Shin Min Ah vs’fascination sexy’ Shin Min-titled ” Voting is underway. The choice of the fans eotbiseut hajiman Shin Min-a little more of her sexy and innocent love is found.

source: nate

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