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Baeksang Awards Popularity Voting Final Rankings(?)

Posted on: May 6, 2011

I have no idea if the voting is finished already, but nate released a chart of rankings already.

ill translate the tv drama category only. the second chart.


left(Male), right (female)
1. Park Yu chun (sungkyungwan scandal),Moon Geun young(cinderella’s sister)

2.Kim Hyun joong(playful kiss),  ga in (All about love)

3.Lee seung gi( My girlfriend is a gumiho), Ha Ji won (secret garden)

4.Jang Geun suk(mary stayed out all night), Park Min young (sungkyungwan scandal)

5.Hyunbin (secret garden),  Han hyo joo (Dong yi)

6.Joo Sang wook (Giant),  IU (Dream high)

7.Yoo Ah In (sungkyungwan scandal), Kim Ah joong (Sign)

8.Kim Soo hyun (Dream High),  Shin Min Ah( My girlfriend is a gumiho)

9.Yun Sang hyuk( Secret harden, Bae Soo Ji (dream high)

10.Ok Taecyon(Dream High), Kim So yeon (Prosecutor Princess)

eng trans:


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