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Yeom Jung Ah, “Dream partner in ’1N2D’? Of course Lee Seunggi!

Posted on: May 6, 2011

[The Daily Sports] published 2011.05.04 11:07

Appearing in KBS TV ‘ Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days’ Actress Special, Yeom Jung Ah said the member she hopes to be partnered with is Lee Seunggi.

In an interview on May 3rd after ‘Royal Family’ had finished airing, she said “I wanted to wash away the heavy atmosphere around Kim In Sook, my character in ‘Royal Family’, so I decided to appear in ’1 Night 2 Days’. If I have to choose a partner among the ’1N2D’ members, of course I’ll choose Lee Seunggi”.

She continued “The member whose personality is most similar to mine is Kang Hodong. He’s always looking after his younger brothers, leading the situations during filming, the way he appears is similar to me. Privately, I’m actually the type who wants the atmosphere to be centered around me, where I’m the lead.”

However, when asked about sleeping outdoors and being submerged in water, she asked, “Will they really make you do that?” And looked worried. She added, “Since I’ve already agreed to participate, I’ll aim to enjoy myself and hope to get interesting filming footage. This has always been a program I enjoy watching, so I’m also full of anticipation.”

The ’1N2D’ production team has announced that Kim Soo Mi · Yeom Jung Ah · Lee Hye Young · Choi Ji Woo · Kim Ha Neul · Seo Woo will be preparing to guest in the Actress Special. The episode will be filmed on May 6th and 7th, and is expected to broadcast on May 15th.

Reporter Jung Ji Won []



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