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Shin Min Ah’s autograph(?)

Posted on: May 6, 2011

someone posted at dcgall about this ^_^


i wonder if she changedher sign again? haha.


4 Responses to "Shin Min Ah’s autograph(?)"

ha ha! why? how many times did she changed her autograph already?

i dont know. hehe. but i read at soompi that minah’s autograph is different from her autograph in the past. then now looks like she changed it again(the italic like shin min ah). haha^_^

HAHA. it looks weird, but its cute. :>

hmm, i’m been wondering why on minah’s official blog, it has triangle, square & a circle. what does that mean? can it be, SHIN for triangle, MIN for square & AH for circle? HAHAHA.

yes you’re right since in korean the S is like a triangle like this /\ then the M is a square, then a is circle then this |- so the ‘a’ is like O|- hehe.

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