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[fan account ] Perioe fan signing event from a male fan

Posted on: May 12, 2011

I think some have already known, that I am really lucky today…I got his signature….
At first, I thought that I would just have a look and take some photos,
Before the fan signing event began,one fan stopped me,and then gave me her card number…
She said she will have another chance in the future,so this time she will give the chance to me ..
Although i felt a little scared but I also felt that I am really lucky , so I went to the fan signing event site.

My number was 110,so I was queuing and waiting at the back,
On the card number there is already the word To and PS,but maybe because our numbers are quite behind,
The security officers told us to erase the PS ,
So I erased it,
Below is my conversation with Seung Gi hyung,

Me :Hello~~ // SG:Hello
SG:zulgangi??//Me :zungangi(the person’s name)
SG:zungangi~~00 ‘s brother!//Me :Yes
(a brief moment of silence)
Me:Today might be the last time I meet you.
SG :(surprise)Ah!Why!?
Me:Im going to the army on the 24th

Me:When will your album be released?? or new drama??
SG:Album and drama are still not confirmed yet
(At this time ,he look at me,totally handsome)
Me : Really…
SG :(Shake hands)Hwaiting o
Actually at the PS part, there were only hwaiting (3 words) but when Seung Gi heard that I’m going to the army,he added     hwaiting in your army life…Seung Gi is really kind…

No matter what, this is my second time and also my last fan signing event…really very happy..A very good memory before I leave for the army,
Because of one guy fan who is joining the army (referring to himself),the fan (who gave him the card number) who had spent time lining up for the card (queue) number but generously pass the chance to me…I believe only Seung Gi’s fan can be like this..

eng trans based on chinese trans of 小星 at baidu tieba

aw. seunggi is really thoughtful. ! ^___^


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