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Shin Min-A, showcase of Lirikos 4D ad

Posted on: May 12, 2011

[Poster reads ‘The secret to beauty. Leaving on a journey to find the secret.’ (based on translation by 澜WWL from Minah@baidu)]

Shin Min Ah’s beautiful image in Lirikos 4D CF mini documentary.

Cosmetics brand Lirikos 4D CF ‘Shin Min Ah’s mini documentary – Seeking Oxygen’.

Shin Min Ah’s mini documentary – the cinema version of Seeking Oxygen TV CF. A story of exploring the wide ocean and forest with Minah and marine creatures, and experiencing the astonishing strength of marine oxygen.

In Shin Min Ah’s mini documentary, the audience will experience and feel the vitality of deep sea and marine oxygen through sparkling images, scent of the sea, sea breeze and rocking motion of waves brought by 4D imaging.

Lirikos’ director said, “This release of ‘Shin Min Ah’s mini documentary [The Mysterious Image and Scent of the Ocean] is not merely a CF but a journey which satisfies the five senses.”

Additionally, Lirikos Shin Min Ah’s mini documentary will meet audiences at 5 4D cinemas theatres from 18th May. It will be available on Liriko’s website ( and QR codes in print ads.

based on translation by lee from Minah@baidu
additional credits to Iven_mina from Minah@baidu
source: nate

Amore Pacific Marine prestige cosmetics brand Lirikos coming from the 18th will feature the industry’s first 4D advertising.
Mulin 4D image of the industry’s first ‘Marine oxygen, searchin’ to be aired in a TV movie version of the CF Shin Min-a with sea creatures and explore the forest and marine waters of oxygen, Shin Min-a story of astonishing power to deliver the voice.
The audience, vibrant images and the smell of the sea, including sea air and rocking movements through 4D imaging experience in a vibrant deep-sea and marine life of oxygen, so you can feel it.
Ririkoseu jumiyoung team leader, “Shin Min-a mini-documentary, not a mere advertising to satisfy your senses to enjoy the Marine brand ririkoseu ‘Brand Experience,” he explained.
4D image of a vibrant forest, the sea and the river Po CGV, Wangsimni, Jukjeon, including Centum City to come and see you in a total of 5 4D cinema, and Internet TV (LG U + and BTV) in the 3D movie content, you can enjoy the free.
Meanwhile, ririkoseu the ‘Shin Min-a mini-documentary’ The ririkoseu website ( and QR codes in print ads can be found through
cr:  nate
i really dont know what do they mean about 4d advertising. lol. someone please educate me? and i hope it will show bts on how she did that underwater cf. because it’s so amazing. wow

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