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Shin Min Ah,mentioned in Best Love[video cut]

Posted on: May 20, 2011

article excerpt only

Drama ‘best loved’ Cha Seung-won confessed to Gong Hyo Jin that she is his first love

Flying Jean, “I’ve never loved anyone so far. But it is too ashamed for anybody,” he said. Ear, “You are not  Shin Min Ah, Han Ye Seul,” he added scraped through courtship definition.

cr: nate

so basically,  Dokko Jin said that it’s shameful that his first love is someone like Ae Jin who has a bad image. And he said that it would be different if its Shin Min Ah or Han ye seul who got his first love. based on what i understood on reading DB’s recaps. ^___^ and both actress had participated on a hong sisters production already. Han Ye seul from Couple or trouble then Shin  Min Ah from My girlfriend is a gumiho

cr: as tagged

at mark 4:19


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