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Most Beautiful face of this Generation, Shin Min Ah, 2nd. Lee Seung gi 3rd!

Posted on: May 27, 2011

on the left side is the final rankings. In the middle is the Male respondents and on the right,female respondents.

for female celebrity

male respondents.

1st. Kim Tae hee

2nd. Ha Ji won-

3rd. Shin Min Ah and Han ye Seul

4th Yoon A

5th Lee young Ae And Seon Ye Jin

female respondents

1st. Kim Tae Hee

2nd. Shin Min Ah

3rd. Han Ye Seul and Yoon A

4th Kim Sa rang

5th Shin Se kyung and han Hyo Joo

so all in all(FEMALE CELEBRITY)

Kim Tae hee 1st, Shin min Ah 2nd, han ye seul 3rd, Ha ji won 4th, Yoon A 5th, Kim sa rang 6th then Shin Se kyung 7th.

Male Celebrity

male respondents

1. Jang Dong gun

2. Hyunbin

3. WonBin

4. Jo In Sung

5. lee seung gi, Jung woo sung, Cha Seung won

female respondents

1. Hyunbin

2. jang dong gun

3. lee seung gi

4. Jo in sung

5. Jung woo sung

6. wonbin

7. Nichkhun


Hyunbin, 1st. Jang Dong Gun 2nd. Lee Seung gi 3rd. Wonbin 4th. Jo In sung 5th, Jung woo sung 6th and Cha Seung won 7th


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