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So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah’s couple look, wearing a sweet embrace “what relationship do they have?”

Posted on: May 27, 2011

Actor So Ji sub embracing actress Shin Min-a surprised the netizens
On May 26,a picture posted on a website’s Bulletin board with the title ‘So Ji Sub and  Shin Min jikjjik embrace’ and come up withan  eye-catching photos.

It seems that two are wearing Black and White Couple shirts,  and hugging each other. Shin Min-a in So Ji Sub’s  broad chest and arms’ heartwarming smile and joy seemed like an even brighter smile. Shin Min Ah is impressive.

Netizens were surprised and leave a comment such as ” I’ve happened ‘for a hug, do lovebirds flying flowers and “me too, my wish is to hug Shin Min Ah.”

It turns out that So Ji Sub and Shin Min-a’s hugging photo was taken while having a pictorial for a clothing garment.

cr: nate

not the best translation but i tried with the help of google translator. will wait for the more accurate translations

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