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12ND actress special part II Lee Seung gi cuts

Posted on: May 29, 2011

based on what i understood:(there will be some mistakes since its not the most accurate, but here’s the thought)

Kang Ho Dong asked why does girls like lee seung gi, while actress Hye Hyoung said it’s because he works hard, Handsome and(im not sure with the other reasons).then Ji woo said “He’s the best” then actress Kim Soo Mi said he is really the best! haha. then she said “Jo In Sung come here(?)” haha

Actress Choi Ji woo said that “let’s do a drama together” then seunggi said it would be an Honor. 🙂

kang ho dong asked Lee seung gi if he likes Choi Ji woo, lee seunggi said ‘ofcourse’ then Choi Ji woo that what, earlier, about Kim ha neul. she said something like “you feel bitter dont you?” since haneul isn’t with them. then lee seung gi denies to death. and keeps on saying “no no no” then Choi ji woo mentioned about his outfit(the brown coat) then..i guess hye hyoung said “so it was not Ji woo”(whom he likes)

Actress Choi ji woo jumped into the water, and our dear seunggi helped him. and i kinda expected that. ofcourse. ^^

Seunggi helping madam Kim soo Mi. 🙂

Seunggi’s ABS. no explanation needed. his seunggi.



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