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Lee Seung gi to cameo on Best love *with Hook’s official statement*

Posted on: May 29, 2011

Singer-Actor Lee Seung Gi will be making a cameo appearance on MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama “Best Love” starring Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin, which has been getting a lot of love. Lee Seung Gi’s management company spoke to Newsen by phone on Mary 27 stating:

“As he is close with both the director and the Hong Sisters writing team, they had comfortably asked him to cameo in their next drama, prior to the production of this drama.  In particular, as he and actor Cha Seung Won are both fond of one another and get along favorably, Lee Seung Gi agreed to participate without hesitation.”

Lee Seung Gi’s cameo is also gathering a lot of interest because he was rumored to play the lead role in “Best Love”  before Cha Seung Won was finally cast.

Lee Seung Gi’s management said that he will probably be filming next week, saying “We don’t know the role he will play since we haven’t received the script yet; however, after hearing talk about the role being a celebrity/entertainer, we believe the filming will be comfortable and fun.”

“Best Love” is a romantic comedy about the love that develops between a rising top star in Korea and a has-been star. There is a lot of anticipation as to what role Lee Seung Gi will play in relation to Cha Seung Won.

Lee Seung Gi’s cameo appearance is planned for June 1.

LSGfan via Newsen/Nate

well ofcourse they will really include Cha seung won here so that to show the people that everything is really professionaly taken as it should be. (the pre-casting issues)

and as i keep on mentioning this on my twitter so you must be really tired of reading this (if you follow me) but i really think Dokko Jin is lee seunggi plus bad attitude. watching the show reminds me sometimes/alot of lee seung gi when it comes to Dokko jin in media, public, activities. also i believe Cha seung won observes Lee seung gi in a way since Dokko Jin again for the NNth time is a kind of star at seunggi’s level.

about the cameo. if seunggi has to play Cha dae woong he should bring his MIHO! what is cha dae woong without miho? seriously. i hope if there’s no miho i suggest that he will just play as Lee seung gi himself. hahaha. (i bet that’s harder though?)

and since we’re here at a seunggi’s safe to say that min ah international fans are really positive about Min Ah’s cameo on Best love since she has worked with the writeer and is bestfriends with Gong Hyo jin! i myself doubted if its possible to have a hoi couple cameo since there was a seunggi-to-work-again-with-hong-sisters then seunggi-dropped-the-drama then cha-seung-won-becomes-the-lead then script-was-given-to-cha-seung-won-during-athena. so i was like eh its impossible to really have seunggi with min ah. but now lol it’s not more of like its impossible to have Min Ah’s cameo but its impossible to have HOI COUPLE’s cameo. oh well.

and Ann of LSG fan has a really good opinions and comments so better read Ann’s!

end of rant. i wanted to say more blahs. but i will save it after seunggi’s cameo. LOL

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