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Lee Seung Gi cameo on Best love [video excerpt]

Posted on: June 2, 2011

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What can i say?

So here’s the most awaited cameo of lee seung gi on best love. And it’s making me crazy. why? coz definitely hong sisters gave me the thing i want! i perfectly see my formula

bad attitude + Lee seung gi= Dokko jin!

in one way or another! haha:) the scarf scene is really cool since its remniscient of Dokko Jin and Ae Jung’s first meeting. and lee seung gi’s cameo-ing as Lee seung gi’s facial expression is perfect! HAHA. he acted like dokko Jin! like covering his scarf with his jacket! The manager’s comment is really epic too. per dramabeans he said that when he firs met dokko Jin he thought he’s as nice as Lee seung gi and it turns out for the worst! hahahahahah..

another thing is that Ae jung’s oppa/manager talks about Lee seung gi’s image and said that he’s as nice just like his image. you know it can be a shout out to lee seung gi, hook and other celebrities out there with sealed image!

and the  higlight was when DOKKO JIN and Lee seung Gi met. like Lee seung gi just met with his IMAGE! hahahahahahahahaha… the most epic part was when Lee seung gi parodied  Dokko jin and even copied his hand movement and  Dokko Jin’s line “Im dokko Jin Lee Seung Gi”  also the refrigerator’s cf. cool. Samsung Zipel is just as famous as lee seung gi that hong sisters included it! is lee seung gi now equated as lee seung gi=cf=refrigerator cf? haha.

and it also the meeting of the rumored Dokko Jin and the Real dokko Jin.

photo credits: as tagged

and one thing for sure. Hong sisters love lee seung gi. i love them too! love love love! thank you hong sisters! even though im sad that it isnt with his miho but im more than satsified. im still….hoping for a Min Ah cameo. (does mentioning her name counts?)

–> as im watching it,there’s something weird about lee seung gi? guess what! not his outfit but his hair!


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