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I MISS THE HOI COUPLE [Seunggi serenading Min a at his concert]]

Posted on: June 9, 2011

cr: kay.z kim@dcgsma

It’s almost been a year since My girlfriend is a gumiho started their filming hence the birth of hoi couple. ^_^ I miss seeing them and im glad both are doing good! Seunggi is everywhere. Min Ah is everywhere. lol. Im looking forward to both projects in the future. just as announced seunggi will have his album/drama in the 2nd half of this year! and min ah…

well hoping that atleast she will announce us a good news soon. though the writers (whom i have confidence and trust-Hong Sisters) will be different  but will trust the actors. ^^Anyways. since i missed them i was re-watching one of my fave fancams during his 2010 hope concert perf.  I remember when it came out i was spazzing on how really handsome seunggi is. Just last night i tweeted that i am tempted to caps seunggi’s eyes because it looks like he was singing from his heart. oh but well.  since Kay.z kim-nim(Admin of Minah’s official fancafe in korea)tweeted about this. i guess it’s time to share, so, i will let you do the honor. here is the lovely fancam vid of hoi couple during Lee seung gi’s 2010 Hope Concert! Enjoy! and melt (seunggifangirlspeaking)

Seung gi serenading Min A

cr: bin

and hoi fans. check out Min Ah’s official fancafe. Kayz-nim uploaded lots of Min ah bts videos and goodies! ENJOY! thank you Kayz-nim!!! the link is on the side —->


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