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Who are the top seven male CF stars?

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Fans are familiar with the importance of CF deals, as they bring in larger profits than most other sources of income for celebrities.

To see who the top CF stars in Korea are, Daily Sports compiled a list of the top seven, as rated by the number of products they’ve endorsed from June 2010 to May 2011. Check out the list below!

1. Lee Seung Gi: First place goes to none other than Lee Seung Gi, who’s endorsed a total of 12 products this year. From cosmetics, fridges, and even banking, he’s got all of the best products under his belt. Thanks to his image transformation from the ‘nation’s little brother’ to a strong, independent man, he’s captured the hearts of industry representatives as an almighty entertainer and ‘CF King.’

2. Big Bang: From cell phones to cameras, beers, automobiles, and even ice cream, Big Bang is endorsing a total of 10 products thanks to their wide fanbase. The styles of each of the five members are also unique, so they’re able to portray a wider variety of images.

2. 2PM: Their beastly image certainly did wonders in breaking through to the advertisement market. With various drink CFs under their belt, they’ve tied with Big Bang for a total of 10 endorsements. They’ve even signed a two-year contract with one drink company. The secret behind their success is that all they need to do is go topless to achieve high sales.

4. Song Joong Ki: Ever since “Sungkyunkwan Scandal“, this actor’s been on the rise and currently has a total of eight endorsements under his belt, ranging from cosmetics to cameras, pizzas, and laptops.


4. Hyun Bin: Although he’s currently serving in the army, fans can still see him on the small screen. The success of “Secret Garden” earned him a total of eight endorsement deals, six of which were shot within the two months before his enlistment. MBC’s representative revealed, “When a drama hits jackpot, you can make an advertisement without the need for any other special storytelling. His popular phrases won’t be erased from the minds of consumers.”

6. Jo In Sung: Though it’s been only a month since his discharge, he’s already on the rise to becoming one of the top stars of the advertising industry. Jo In Sung’s become the new face of various smartphone and beer brands, for a total of seven deals. He’s reportedly earned $4 million USD in just CF recordings alone.

7. Won Bin: Although he isn’t seen often in dramas or movies, his handsome looks is still a favorite amongst advertisers. His looks are captivating enough to hold the attention of consumers with just one glance, so it’s no wonder why he’s so popular. A representative of the industry stated, “The popularity of ‘The Man From Nowhere‘ really escalated his sexy image, so he’s a popular choice with female consumers.” Won Bin rounds out the list with a total of six CFs.


credit: allkpop


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