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Gu Hara-Shin Min Ah, Korea versus Newyork’s Hotdog Goddess? ‘they look pretty as always ‘

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Gu hara and Shin min ah’s love for hotdog became known.

Last Online sangeneun  Girl Group  Kara member Gu Hara seek to buy hot dogs in the national daily figure was released. Ask in the picture wearing a life member minnatgwa bakgyuriwa like to order a hot dog together attracted to.

Shin Min-ah also last August 2010 in entertainment program of SBS ‘Strong Heartl’ s has confessed that she stayed in New York appeared on the taste of the hot dog eating experiences faced by the topic as the episode

Netizens that “South Korea’s leading entertainment and have a beautiful body and a strong personality seek beauty, Shin Min Ah looks like the rise of the hot dog eating,” “seek, Shin Min-eaten hot dog, I want to eat a meal,” responded the other.

This and related, ‘New York Hot Dog & Coffee’ Choe, CEO, “Ask, and Mr. Shin Min Ah looks hot dog eating is a topic to the fans of the stars and to find yourself in a way was I was honest,” said, “Ask, and Shin Min-ah in addition to Mr. Hollywood Star also like to eat hot dogs in public places will be open occasionally. hotdogs to Hollywood or local star to stimulate the palate, a sleek yet simple menyuda wellness, “he explained.

Meanwhile, ask the current SBS drama ‘City Hunyer actor turns to the topic in the first collecting electrode and the daughter of the President of the Shrew hot girl is broken down into Top-hye.

[TV Daily = GoTo reporters / Photo: TV Daily DB

source: nate


i hope that ceo will get min a as an endorser for their hotdog company. she has a good eater reputation anyway. ^^ haha


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