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Lee Seung gi mentioned Shin Min Ah on come to play ENG SUB [video excerpt]

Posted on: June 15, 2011

remember the seunggi’s recent come to play appearance? ^^ LSG fan subbed the video with the help of bee dance, thank you so much!.  and here’s the episode part where Min A was being mentioned. Also the seunggi segment (the top 3 misconceptions about him)


source: <–Full episode.

fun starts at around 5:59 when seunggi mentioned min a ( jung yeop sha la la(mgiag ost sang by min a)s composer keeps on giving min ah an okay sign while they were recording the song. min a’s sha lala was played on 7:31, and i just lost it. it’s on Dailymotion oh then again she was mentioned when seunggi revealed he has only three female celebrities on his phone. the female host immediately ask if he has shin min ah’s . lol. haha

to all hoi fans. ^^ no need to say anything.  i guess we have the same thinking. lol. what could it be? haha

..will try to say more things if i have enough free time , Lol.


8 Responses to "Lee Seung gi mentioned Shin Min Ah on come to play ENG SUB [video excerpt]"

I hope so,,,,I love so much when thy are together:))
But, recently there is so much saying that both of them probably married with non artist :(( How do you think?

i love them being together too! ^^
oh. im one of those. for miss min a. hehe. i can always imagine her marrying a chaebol or a ceo of a company. haha. maybe because of her beauty? and it’s less ‘chaotic’ in a sense that you can still have privacy .

Maybe my imagination is very illogical:)) But, I love to watch when Seunggi feels awkward when others speaking about min ah. And in strong heart he shows so much affection toward Min Ah:))
Oya, how should I call you ( Miss Dei?) In strong heart ep gumiho, Hodong shares about seunggi asked him how if he met someone he loved? Should he waiting or be impressive? DO you think the girl is Min Ah? he is very blushing,,,hehehehehehe

no, no not really. ^^
i love the things you love too! like seunggi pausing for a while when mentioning min a! haha. i know they’re comfortable but still very akward! hahaha. i really love when he mentions min a trust me. ^^ and i really do not know. some seunggi fans are saying also that seunggi will prob marry a non showbiz. but i feel different since i think he’ll marry a celebrity! :))) who knows?. i really want to see hoi couple together again! maybe on a CF. and seunggi has worked with lots of female celebs and has an ideal who is uberly gorgeous so i really dont have an idea who he’s thinking about. hehe. ^^

and you can call mi karmi. ^^ nice to meet you! 🙂

hehehe, you are right. I love too when he is pausing for a while when saying about min ah:)) I agree again with you Karmi, I still think he prob marry with celeb too,,, And I am so curious why they don’t do CF since hoi couple is being loved throughout Korean, right? It will be very amazing if they do CF,,,, Yes, he has worked with many gorgeous celebs but still why Hodong must explain it when min ah attend in strong heart (wah,,,,my imagination gone wild really) I feel so good to be fan of Hoi Couple^^

Nice to meet you too Karmi, I am Dewi from Indonesia
And everyday I always tune in your blog to keep update,,,thanks for your hard work:))

aah. so you mean when hodong asked seunggi about him liking someone on strong heart. hehe. i thought it was in 12ND or something. hmm. im reallly hoping for a cf of hoi couple.honestly. you are very right there since they’re well loved in korea and all. and they endorse the same brand.KB Card. but until now i can only see seunggi’s new cf for KB. i hope KB card will renew their contract with Min ah. ^^

and Dewi nice to meet you too! thank you for the comments! it means alot to me. i want to cry ;;__;; hehe. ^^ you are very welcome and have fun here! thank you again!^^

^.^ I hope you visit here in Philippines. I like it when your together like in the movie “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.” I really really like it ^.^ pls go in Philippines Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi! I’ll wait for the both of you! ^.^ 🙂

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