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Sung Si kyung mentioned wonbin and Min ah’s Maxim T.O.P CF on his radio program

Posted on: June 18, 2011

just read this at dc

“In  Sung Si Kyung’s Music In the city, a Coffee story came out.

Sung Si Kyung ad goes something like this coffee to talk with yieojida
Then all of a sudden Sung Si kyung said “wonbin and shin min ah’s coffee ad,  copy anything that I think too.”] Wonbin -ssi and Shin Min Ah Sii not understand,[google is cracking me] I just speak in this way…

cr: dcsgma

this couple really creates buzz everytime they release a cf, lol! ofcourse, with all the kiss plus the uber gorgeous huge stars, one can’t help but think of that CF. ^^ sorry for the unnecessary comment. about google. haha


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