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Vote for your favorite celebrities![Min a, seung gi, also team AEJIN!] in 2011 MNET’s Summer break 20’s choice!

Posted on: June 20, 2011

So, Mnet has this summer awards show. And guess what! No Super Junior –_– i cannot believe this. anyways. before this turns into ranting  i am glad to say that Min Ah, Seunggi, Hyo Jin [Gu Ae Jung], Cha Seung won [Dokko Jin] were nominated. And team aejin are definitely topping the online voting charts they’re in, except for the other category hyo jin is in where GD is leading. lol. . while seung gi and Min a comes in 2nd. but with your clicking power *clickclickclikc* you can definitely make a change!


LINK! –> 2011 MNET Summer break 20’s choice

Shin Min Ah




you can vote by clicking the button beside. they said it’s only one per vote but you can try clicking as many as you want. hehe. the number changes as you click. ^^ Also the voting period stars from June 17 to July 6 2011. According to lsgfan  “Online voting is worth 30%.  There’s also 20% from industry experts and 50% coming from a survey of people in their 20′s. ”

Min ah is i guess popular with college students mainly because of her miho role and she is definitely visible on tv since she has tons of cfs (7) imagine those cf keep on repeating before your eyes. hmm. seunggi has a tough competition against 2pm since they’re idol groups and you know fans of idol groups (ehe.) and i just  lol at the 50% since they’re from people in their 20s. although seunggi has a wide range of fan base but i guess he has lots of ahjumma fans. but! seunggi is the ultimate cf king and it has just been proven. so i hope the 20% and the 50% will agree with me. ^^

and if.. Hyo jin will attend also Min A. we can see BFF hyojin and min a together? or what. ^^ i hope both will attend. im sure min a will win in the 20%(Industry experts) im assuming but who knows. ^^

i really hope Min a can attend.! seunggi too!

what are you waiting for. VOTE VOTE VOTE!


screencaps credits:  ||; breakdown of criteria for judging:


2 Responses to "Vote for your favorite celebrities![Min a, seung gi, also team AEJIN!] in 2011 MNET’s Summer break 20’s choice!"

Already did Karmi, Hope Min ah dan Seung Gi could be the Winer^^
and I will vote them everydei,,,,hehehhehe,,

yay thank you so much dewi! hope the other 50 % will side min a and seunggi! hahaha. ^__^

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