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a gorgeous dazzling bright hyo joo for Lovcat s/s 2011

Posted on: June 22, 2011

if im not mistaken these picture were out already earlier this year. but hyo joo will go to paris today, June 22 up to the 29th for lovcat. most likely for pictorial

cr: bhent1 | as posted on hyo joo’s official website

can you see her bright dazzling gorgeous face!!!!that i just cant resist on posting it. her eyes are just. wow. and i just saw her fanpics when she was in thailand airport welcomed by fans and her face is just pale white.

cr: as tagged as shared by vio_vi@hhj.soompi



wow. i am speechless! definitely my type! (im a girl, and no not that im cheating on min a coz i like them both) haha. ^___^ these instances reminds me of my craziness over spring waltz! that i even add all hyo joo accounts on friendster way back then! plus camped out on our computer laboratory just to watch bts! plus! made a summary of the whole drama per chapter!!! THAT’S CRAZY RIGHT!!!


photo credits: as tagged || as posted at hhj soompi.


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