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Shin Min Ah and Jang Dong gun’s HQ Optimo nova [hankook tire] cf making film *rough translations of the description*

Posted on: June 22, 2011

cr: toloto4

as written on the description..

“Introducing everyone Our Hankook Tire’s cool models, Shin Min ah and Jang Dong Gun! seems like you want to see their faces. You Still see this ad on tv right? Shin Min ah’s bright red dress might have caught male viewers attention..

this one is google translated already

The commercial driving performance and quiet ride, an upgraded braking performance and safety boasts one trillion kinds of advertising that is Optimo. Optimo’s charm, evident in ads

eng trans: and. google

i dont have an idea when was this filmed. maybe last 2009? or 2010. i also have no idea if this has been posted before, all i know is i dont remember watching this. ^__^


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