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Shin Min Ah Made Her First Visit to Beijing for an Event, Relies on Running to Maintain Figure

Posted on: June 24, 2011

Stepped off plane bare-faced, fans presented flowers.

Korean female star Shin Min Ah who appeared in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, A Love to Kill and many dramas and movies arrived in Beijing to attend an event for a certain Korean brand.

At 11am, bare-faced Shin Min Ah, clad in a white long sleeved striped tee and shorts headed for Park Hyatt from the airport. Although her flight details were kept secret, there were a number of fans who presented her with flowers and gifts, giving her a surprise. Holding flowers from fans, Min Ah stepped into the lift with a smile. In the afternoon at 2pm, Shin Min Ah exchanged skincare tips with beauticians at the event. She expressed that she loves exercising. To keep her skin and figure in top condition, she frequently runs.

At 7pm, Shin Min Ah appeared at the banquet in a green outfit. The real Shin Min Ah is similar to Gumiho and shares a love for eating. Shin Min Ah enjoyed the first to the last course served. It’s no wonder that fans gave her meat because Gumiho loves meat. Shin Min Ah revealed that this is her first trip to Beijing and she did not have the time to sight-see because of her work obligations for the day. She hopes that she will have a chance to do some sightseeing in Beijing before flying back to Korea the following afternoon.

source: Sohu
translated by eilasa from soompi

picture credits: sohu||


this is.. the fandom that i’m used to. ^__^ celebrities going OVERSEAS welcomed by fans. intouched with fans. and i am really comfortable with it. im glad fans are now getting nearer with Min A. im really that fans welcomed her at the airport. really excited for Min a to become a hallyu star. ;;___;; and bare faced? she has no make up? whoah. wanjeon yeppeo!

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