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Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Eunhyuk showing some love to Lee Seung gi

Posted on: June 24, 2011

what do you get when biases collide? “HAPPINESS!” Dokko Jin style. ^^

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Leeteuk-Eunhyuk talk about eating out with Seunggi [SuKiRa, 6.22.2011]

E: Eating is no joke.  T: Eating together means you’re close.
E: Yes, so recently…  T: Recently. For the first time…
E: For the first time… A celebrity friend or you could say peer. We ate together and talked a lot, about stuff we could all identify with.

T: It’s been 7 years for us, and that person said it was also the first time during his 8 years of being an entertainer….
E: We’re talking about Lee Seung Gi. After my comeback to Kang Shim Jang (Strong Heart)… Even before, Seunggi kept saying let’s get together, that he felt bad we haven’t been able to do so yet. So we actually met up. But what was so fascinating is… Seunggi and us… our personalities were so similar.  T: So similar.

E: From a shy type personality to being more of a home-body. We were so similar, we thought the 3 of us should regularly meet up.
T: Actually, we made plans often but being busy, we’d say let’s just meet up next time, and there were lots of those times. And Seunggi’s personality is like that too. So nervously, Seunggi said~ Hyung let’s eat together once.
I thought it wouldn’t happen, but Seunggi said we should really meet up this time. The 3 of us really talked a lot.
E: He returned to Seoul after filming 1 Night 2 Days and was probably really tired but immediately came… we really had a fun time.  T: Thank you.

E: Ahhhh~ as for the next song… But the title…
T: We just said we met for the first time and the title seems…
E: [Seunggi’s] not directing this to us right~?
T: This song is really great.
E: Lee Seunggi’s “Losing My Mind.” [laughter] He didn’t lose his mind to meet up with us, right?!
T: Lee Seunggi’s song, “Losing My Mind.”
E: I’m sure Seunggi hadn’t lost his mind~!

T: Seunggi just sent me a text message.  E: Really?
T: I had sent him a text.  E: You did?
T: He texted~ I request Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” for the ending song.
Sorry Seunggi, we can’t! Call him live?
E: If we do too much at once, it’s no fun.
T: And it’s closing time. We can’t rush something like that.
E: When Seunggi’s ready, we’ll call him live…
T: When we’re being evaluated? [laughter]
E: Are we trying to use him too much?! [laughter] No but a good thing is a good thing. Seunggi will probably like radio too.
T: Since he’s come on Sukira a lot before.  E: Of course.

English:  LSGfan

aw, this is super uberly cute and sweet! i mean,even though they’re in the same show (strong heart) they dont all each other hyung but ssi.  you know, i super love Super Junior and lee seung gi, so im happy to hear this from our boys. And i hope lee teuk and eunhyuk will tweet a picture of them with lee seung gi!! maybe i can’t sleep! lol. haha (i really want to say more but im off to somewhere, so ill stop here. :(()


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